The Low-Down on Marketing ‘Up’

Just how hard (or easy) is it to turn luxury items or excellent services into cash? You know the adage, “it takes money to make money.” That’s not entirely untrue. But it’s not entirely true, either.

The key is to understand what makes the right audience buy, and then speak to that exact audience. The right marketing tools help you to do this well. While there’s a lot you can do yourself these days, you need a healthy understanding of customer attraction. After all, anyone can buy something. The question is, can appreciative, higher-spending clients and faithful distributors become interested in your stuff, and when they do – will your presentation convince them to call you or come to your store?  (more…)

Business Brochures With Purpose

What exactly is the purpose of your brochure? An event handout? Will you use it to share a new product? Do you want a certain reaction from its readers?

Marketing products like brochures work best when you break down every action a prospect might take.


Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Read Business Brochures?

The simple answer is, “No.” Still, you’ll get conflicting opinions when it comes to how you should be reading a barrel roll trifold brochure. Accordion-fold brochures are much easier to figure out, but when faced with two panels at the same time, like the barrel-fold allows, you’re left wondering what the brochure creator’s intention was. The first two panels are a no-brainer, right? Front cover, inside front cover … then what does a reader do? Open the flap to reveal the inside of the brochure to continue reading panels left to right? Or read inside the cover, then the folded flap, then the inside?

OH, brother …     (more…)

What Kind of Business Brochure is Best for You?

When it comes to traditional print media, you really have some great choices in business brochures. So much to choose from means flexibility and options, so you should take a little time now and again to refresh your memory.  (more…)