So You Think You Can Design Logos

Images of the process our graphics designer, Scott Alberts took for The Rhythm Studio.

The logo design process for The Rhythm Studio in the Austin, TX area, was truly a learning experience.

Tracy King Perry was looking for a way to communicate multiple forms of dance in a single image.

Early sketches of ballroom-style dance images were discarded because Tracy’s focus was to be different from all of the other social / ballroom dance studios out there.

She DID NOT want a graphic of a couple dancing together.  From that distinction, we moved on to body parts, poses, and finally to feet.


A good thing to consider in the branding process. (more…)

Making Their Mark

When I was first contracted to create a logo design for Via-Cell, their idea was a genie, possibly emerging from a lamp, holding coffee, food, and other goodies that can be ordered “via” their “cell-” phone and web-based system. I went to work sketching what I hoped would become the next Chester Cheetah, Tony Tiger or Michelin Man.   (more…)