How Do Highly Successful People DO It?

Local business invests in marketing education.Earnest acquisition of electric knowledge is the “secret” of the successful. Not having time for it is a choice of the poor.

If you ask a successful or rich person at 5:00 P.M. what he knows that he didn’t know at 7 A.M., he usually has an interesting answer.

If you ask a poor person the same question, he almost never has an answer. He’s been busy, though, that you can count on.”  ~ Dan Kennedy   (more…)

Don’t Do What They’re Doing

Start a business, set up shop, and they will come, right? It would be nice if it all worked that way. If time has passed and you find yourself ‘drinking the economy kool-aid’, I have a little research project for you.

Ever heard the phrase, “Birds of a feather flock together?” While I’m a firm believer in philanthropy and helping out another, the business and scriptural principle we should be standing on is, “Iron sharpens iron,” not “The sky is falling.”

Successful people do what they see other successful people do. In business, you have to adopt the same kind of successful thinking – aggressively.

You will adopt the ideals of the company you keep, of the people you hang around. If you’re surrounding yourself with people who just don’t see success being possible, you’re in trouble deep.

Here’s an Analogy:  (more…)

Research Proves Heavy Smartphone Shopping

Here’s where data really gets interesting to me.

When it comes to researching the products, 66% of consumers are using tablets while 57% research on their smartphones. Reviews? 56% read reviews on tablets and 45% on smartphones. Details, as I’ve told you before, make tablet shopping an ideal environment for browsers who really want to take in the experience. Thing is, the smartphone numbers are pretty high, too!

Business owners have to take this stuff into consideration when they’re trying to figure out why the phone isn’t ringing. Websites have to be precise, clear, and informative to make navigation easy on consumers who are in ‘ready-to-buy’ phase. What do you need to know? Ask us in the comments section, or on our Facebook page, we’ll help you get the right information.


What Are Consumers Doing With Their Tablets and Smartphones?

(And why does that matter to you?)

People are spending big money and using their tablets and smartphones to do it. They’re easy to use, and businesses that pay attention are bringing in the profits.

Smartphones make finding locations simple, and convenience is the reason why 73% of people using them find you with their smartphones vs 43% of tablet users. Neither number is anything to sneeze at. If this is how people find you, how important is it to represent your business conveniently for them, too?