It’s All About Local

For the brick and mortar small business, it’s all about local.

Google screenshot of Zero To Sixty Marketing LLC listing.Forget about SEO, blogging, gaining back links, and posting to Facebook and Twitter for just a moment. If you want to draw visitors to your physical storefront, you need to focus on ‘local’ first. Get the local part right, and the rest will begin to make sense. All paths will lead directly to your door.  (more…)

Local Business Reviews Are Powerful

We’ve just returned from a trip to Dallas, TX to participate in Sandi Krakowski’s ‘Divine Call of God on Your Business’ event. It was a wonderful business and personal growth experience, with great speakers and inspiring messages. The two biggest take-aways for me were in the area of relationship building and my readiness to act on things I already know to be true. (More on these in a future post.)

Munger Moss Motel On the way to Texas, we spent the night at a cute, retro motel that we never would have even heard of had it not been for social media and Google Places reviews. (more…)

Your Company Needs to be Correctly Listed in Directories

Every business that has been talked about even once has a representation on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whether you have a website or not, search engines have made decisions about your company – specifically, where you are allowed to be on a search page and what you your business sounds like to others based on factors you’re not in control of.

Businesses that don’t know they are being determined by outside factors mistakenly ignore the importance of an accurate and claimed business listing.   (more…)

Are You Getting in on Local Search?

Ever wonder why so many sites exist above yours in the search engines? There may be many reasons, but here’s one thing to take into account. Search engine directory listings – like Yahoo, Google and Bing – know the basic keywords that people search on to find information that companies use to describe themselves.

For instance, if you’re a fence company, naturally keywords used would include the phrase ‘fence company,’ and so on. What’s more, they know the location of the searcher and therefore will present, first and foremost, the businesses locally associated with those words. It is very important not to leave out location information when adding your business to ANYTHING online, especially directories, but also including all of your social media profiles.  (more…)