Plugins Make Functionality Look Easy

It used to be that extreme functionality was only for ‘big players’ online. Small companies really didn’t think they could do much with their websites, they basically represented an online address and that was about it.

With WordPress and iThemes, that couldn’t be further from the truth. About two years ago, we decided to exclusively build WordPress websites – and our clients are some of the most independently capable business owners out there.

It’s a good thing. The most frequently asked question we get from a new prospect is, “How can I get more control of my website, without destroying it?”    (more…)

Add New Material to Your Website Easily

When it’s time to update information and images on your business website, what’s your first thought?

If you had a static HTML site built for your company, you may be in a situation that calls for a web developer. You may have one on staff, but often the marketing company who sold your small business the site will have to intervene. That takes a little time …  and probably money.   (more…)

What Kind of Trouble Can Your Business Website Cause?

If you’re not regularly archiving and maintaining your CMS website, you might be getting yourself into trouble. Whether you work with a web developer or ARE the web developer, know that monthly tasks need attention if you want to avoid a headache.     (more…)

How To Sell – Persuasive Power

Is Your Website a ‘Good Sales Guy’ ?

Ever been followed around by a commissioned salesperson at the mall?

Their job is to take care of your every need, and for providing that ‘service’ (used loosely), they will hopefully get a percentage of a percentage of your purchase. It’s in their best interest to make sure you have as many things available to you as cross your mind.

Good Sales Guy.If nothing crosses your mind, they have brilliant additional ideas to invade your senses with.

You know, some do it right …

But others, well … not so much. Have you ever left because you were annoyed? Have you ever turned down their suggestions because they were way too expensive, gaudy, or irrational?

Or worse …

Have you ever refused to re-enter a store because it was obnoxious?

I’m not opposed to a good salesperson doing their job and making well-deserved money at it. I’m simply making an analogy we can all relate to.

Listen, your website is your online store(more…)