Meet the Team

Zero To Sixty Marketing LLC was formed out of a desire to encourage small to mid-size businesses to keep the motor runnin’ through economic trials. We all feel very strongly that, combined, we offer you what no other mid-priced company is offering – high quality content, fine arts design, affordable business hosting, photography and superior quality graphic design. You can be confident that no work leaves our company without passing peer review and top-quality controls.

Shari Voigt, CEO and Marketing Director
Shari has over 15 years experience in every facet of the marketing industry. Our “Web Woman,” she ties it all together with good humor and a seriously detailed approach to every campaign that rolls through her office. We’re proud of the guidance and scrutiny she brings to our company! @ShariV on Twitter

Gerald Voigt, VP of Operations
Gerald has a natural understanding of detailed systems, and ability to convey what he knows about them in everyday language. His extensive background in retail sales, management, product design and professional photography compliment the logistics training he received during his enlistment in the United States Air Force. Gerald “gets it.” @GeraldVoigt on Twitter

Scott Alberts, Graphic Design & Commercial Artist
Scott is no ordinary graphic designer! A truly versatile artist, equally adept at nearly any style and medium, from cartoons to digital creations – even photo-realism – you’ll be blown away by what he brings to the table. Responsible for our logo creations (among many things), his reputation precedes him nationwide. @ScottAlberts on Twitter