Stop Turning Website Visitors Away – 10 Reasons for a Redesign

People still judge a book by its cover. We all do, whether intentional or not.

The same thing happens day in and day out on your website. It’s a visible representation of your business online. If it’s amateur or outdated, it leaves a bad first impression. It may even leave your audience wondering if your business is trustworthy.


Website Design Isn’t Just About Appearance

If you were on the design side of the conversations that go on when a website is being developed, you’d be amazed at the differences in opinions between different companies when it comes to designing a website. Business owners ready to redesign often have ‘ta-da’ ideas for their new website, and some design teams really rally to that. Making a website ‘pretty’ is fun work, and can go as far as your imagination, skill and bank account let you go.

Function, searchability, and user behaviors are a little more tasking, but if you ignore those things, your marketing ‘hub’ is handicapped. Pretty, but handicapped. Can you have a website that’s pretty and functional, with easy searchability? Yup. But some things just don’t work together, and a good team knows what to avoid so a pretty website is a serious asset, too.  (more…)

Use Vendor and Client Logos

This is the wrong time of year to ignore customer anxieties. People subconsciously assess your site in 1/20th of a second, so your first impression should be the very best possible.  (more…)

Plugins Make Functionality Look Easy

It used to be that extreme functionality was only for ‘big players’ online. Small companies really didn’t think they could do much with their websites, they basically represented an online address and that was about it.

With WordPress and iThemes, that couldn’t be further from the truth. About two years ago, we decided to exclusively build WordPress websites – and our clients are some of the most independently capable business owners out there.

It’s a good thing. The most frequently asked question we get from a new prospect is, “How can I get more control of my website, without destroying it?”    (more…)